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Dedicated Customer Service.

A great customer experience delivered through fantastic customer service should be the ultimate goal of any aspiring organisation. Outsourcing your contact centre/customer service function to Mobitsolutions can help you achieve these goals. Why? Because we have instilled a passion for great customer service within our staff that will help separate your company from your competitors, helping you to retain your customers longer, and thus resulting in greater profitability. So how does it work:

Dedicated Customer Service Channels

Mobitsolutions stands out from other outsourcers because we really do understand the key steps required in striving to achieve customer service excellence.


Communicating and responding to your customers in the channel/s of their choice


The telephone is still the most widely available, easy to use and preferred method for a customer to contact your organisation.


Email is an essential business tool and still a highly preferred channel for customers to communicate with organisations.


Our webchat service helps your business to increase sales, reduce revenue loss and provide a valuable service to your customers.

Social Media

We ensure you have a cohesive social media strategy that engages both existing and prospective customers alike.

Review Moderation

With proactive review moderation, monitoring and management, Ventrica protect and boosts your business’s reputation.

Our Customer' s

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