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Off Shoring

Off shoring

Off shoring is the relocation of a business process to a company to another country's company. It is sometimes referred with outsourcing. When a business functions are done in another country then it's said that the work has been outsourced. These tasks been off shored to chop down the labor expenses to meet the fast deliveries and much more. Many businesses have turned to off shoring to boost their profits, lower wages in the foreign countries result into significant savings. You can enjoy up to 50% increase in business revenues by of shoring. Mostly processes of manufacturing, supporting and Information technology are been off-shored. Globalization is the natural outcome of the development of global IT industry. The impending cost savings from using offshore resources are undeniable. Off shoring has linked with the sourcing of administrative and technical services sustaining private and global functionalities outside from your home country private and global functionalities outside from your home country, by process of inward (captive) or outward (outsourcing) delivery models.

Why Off Shoring?

  • Incredible Boot Time
  • To dig up external, intent advice and guidance.
  • To get way in to the consultants' expert proficiency.
  • Short-term help for the period of a one-time project where the appointment of a permanent employee(s) is not essential or needed.
  • To contract out all or chunk of the IT services from a particular company.

We off shore our teams in the following manner:

  • Website or mobile apps developer per month basis.
  • Website or mobile apps designer per month basis.
  • Free testimonial before you select us.
  • CCTV cameras and live monitoring of your team.
  • Scheduling working hours according to your time zone or close to it with some hours overlapping.
  • Excellent working environment having each developer with dedicated notebook.

Our four basic principles of IT consulting are:

  • Incredible Boot Time
  • We focus on client relationship and always try to be proved well on expectations.
  • We clearly define our roles and responsibilities to clients.
  • We help the client to visualize the success at the beginning so that they can be known that what they will see at the end.
  • We provide our worthy advices to our valued clients and let them decide what suits them best for the success of their business.

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