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Security Solutions

Looking for some program to make sure that your server is secure from hackers? Web servers are extremely vulnerable to the hackers due to its connectivity with internet. We are certified and authorized security solution provider. Web pages are publicly available and accessible by everyone; they remain under a constant security threat and usually become a target of numerous exploit attempts.

To provide a complete security to the server is difficult but it can be protected by taking some essential steps. We are proficient in providing responsive security system.

Why our services?

  • Stealing your web resources and personal data can give a setback to the organization and damages its image. According to a recent survey, there is so much possibility that your sensitive data can be hacked and used against you. Hackers can get benefited by major or minor ambiguities in the web servers and operating systems. They use many tools and techniques with them. To provide a complete security to the server is difficult but it can be protected by taking some essential steps. We are proficient in providing responsive security system.
  • Introduction - Security is the primary concern for any organization. We are globally providing web security services to clients. Our experts prevent the high-speed budding web-borne malware and other security risks. We hold a range of web security services and provide assistance to our valued customers with advanced techniques, which assure excellence. You can put aside your website from a major harm while using clear-cut techniques. There are so many special ways to secure an asset. We go for a reactive or proactive approach both involves security assessment. Our experts carry out penetration test that is the imitation of an actual hacker but in a protected and controlled environment. There are manifold levels of a penetration test, while doing it, our experts make use of all the website weaknesses completely, as same as a hacker does. We detect the issue and details, by using our amazing techniques and tools. In a susceptibility evaluation a consultant finds susceptibility in an asset but does not exploit it. Penetration process takes place through following phases.
  • Online Security Training - We guide your employees contrary to social engineering and cyber attacks. Our squad lend a helping hand to you to evaluate your SAT (Security Awareness Training) programs. Our processional and expert advisors help you design new programs by following the security measures. We endow with a meticulous training to address the areas which are of sharp focus and concern for the organization. We entirely modify the performance of your employees while leaving no space for any kind of future jeopardizes.
  • Penetration Testing - Web Application Penetration Testing on technologies such as MS SharePoint, .Net, PHP , Thick Clients , JSP , Joomla , WordPress Infrastructure Penetration Testing (External and Internal). VOIP Penetration Testing. Network Devices Penetration Test. Internal unprivileged user based penetration Test. Servers Penetration Test. In-house web applications zero day vulnerability research.
  • Knowledge Transfer - We spot that why a security contravene has been made. Explanation and depictions of the problems, what are the vulnerabilities and how do they set the system at threat. To augment system functioning, accessibility and consistency. To make available indications, special techniques and efficiency of the system. To recognize the errors appearing from technical slipup.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • We review the company's network and web application infrastructure to abolish the vulnerabilities which endow with a way to the hackers to acquire unauthorized access. We review the security of your network in multi-phases and recognize the crucial and critical errors and defects. We bring into play both automated and manual testing systems. Our vulnerability Assessment helps your business meet your regulatory acquiescence needs. We produce security and compliance solution by combining other administrated services.


  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Knowledge Transfer.
  • Online security training.
  • Penetration Testing.

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